Establishing an efficient and innovative style for the logistics industry

Thank you for visiting our website. We started new business with logistics and technical services serving as the pillar in June 2018. We did this by combining contract logistics and technical services.

Logistics processing has become common as one method of rationalizing logistics in recent years. Against this backdrop, it is possible to see many cases in which support for the technical logistics processing of various electronic equipment products is provided as a direct extension of logistics operations. There are currently few cases in which support is provided with expertise and specialization in the technical area.

Accordingly, we have combined contract logistics and technical services based on the results of our logistics business and the expertise and results of our various technical services cultivated as the nms Group. This makes it possible for us to build efficient logistics routes and support the realization of innovative logistics strategies for our customers.

In addition, we are working on developing comprehensive services. This is to match the expansion in our after-sales support operations with the diversification of consumer needs in our after-sales service for a variety of electronic equipment one of our technical service businesses.

We respond to the needs of our customers. We do this by fully utilizing the human resource service functions, manufacturer functions and EMS functions of the nms Group.

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Representative Director
Ryosuke Suzuki

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