Business Activities

Logistics Business and Technical Logistics Processing Business

We undertake innovative 3PL* contracts to suit manufacturing and various retail sales logistics needs in our logistics business. We realize this by utilizing our expertise in optimization and quality control strengths cultivated in contract manufacturing.

*3PL (Third-party Logistics): These are operations in which we propose logistics reform to shippers and then undertake contracts for comprehensive logistics services.

We provide technical logistics processing to match the needs of our customers. This technical logistics processing combines logistics functions such as the kitting*, setting up and testing of a variety of electronic equipment. We do this by utilizing our expertise in technical services.

*This is work to ensure electronic equipment is usable by assembling it and performing various settings.

After-sales Service Business

We respond to various diversifying after-sales service needs to match the expansion in the wearable device, SIM-free device and other markets. We do this based on the acquisition of certification to provide regular repair services from major electrical equipment and mobile communication device manufacturers and our parent company of nms. We operate original smartphone and tablet repair shops called “nms mobile” as part of our after-sales service business. Together with this, we are looking to expand across Japan as appropriate.

nms mpbile

We provide total solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We achieve this by building flexible logistics processes from sales to after-sales services in collaboration with the logistics business.

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